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Thank you to all who joined us in 2019

The inaugural Grounded Summit convened world leaders and change-makers to share and scale the most innovative solutions to our climate crisis.

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Relive the Grounded Summit experience through our one minute video. Get a sense for the sights and sounds of the summit as it happened.
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Discover the full Grounded Summit through behind-the-scenes interviews with our guest speakers and moments from of some of our most inspirational events.
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Problems are always a solution in disguise, by definition. And this is the most gnarly, super, wicked problem humanity has ever comprehended.

- Paul Hawken
Environmentalist and Author

"Grounded Summit inspires people to take action in a hopeful way instead of feeling like this is a challenge we can’t solve."

- Zaria Forman
Environmental Artist

"We have found a material that when put on top of young, thin ice, makes it act like more reflective ice. One thin layer increased the reflectivity by 50% and helped ice last 20% longer. When placed in strategic locations, we can actually tip the balance, restore Arctic ice and allow ourselves time to decarbonize."

- Dr. Leslie Fields
Founder of Ice911

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